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The Stainless Steel Top Feeding Brewer′ S Yeast/ Feed Yeast/Food Yeast/Fruit Pulp Drum Dryer/Spray Dryer/Flash Dryer/Vacuum Dryer

The Stainless Steel Top Feeding Brewer′ S Yeast/ Feed Yeast/Food Yeast/Fruit Pulp Drum Dryer/Spray Dryer/Flash Dryer/Vacuum Dryer

Overview Hi, I am Joanna And now working for Jiangsu zhenxing drying equipment co.,ltdI know you are looking for good-qu;
Basic Info.
Model NO. HG
Drum Number Single
Type Top-Feed Type
Drying Temperature 150ºC
Liquid Temperature 20ºC
Drying Method Heating
Hot Air Contact Method Heat Conduction
Heat Source Steam or Thermal Oil
Dry Powder Output 2.5-5 Kg/H
Material Name Fruit Pulp
Transport Package Seaworth
Specification 5-5000kg
Trademark ZHENGAN
Origin Changzhou
HS Code 8419399090
Production Capacity 4 Sets/Month
Product Description

Hi, I am Joanna

And now working for Jiangsu zhenxing drying equipment co.,ltdI know you are looking for good-quality dryer equipment.

Any questions about the drying machine feel free to contact me, I would like to offer you full technical support and online video service, it will help you to know about the full drying system very well.

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Product Description

Drum dryers are used in the food industry for drying a variety of products, such as milk products, baby foods, breakfast cereal, fruit and vegetable pulp, mashed potatoes, cooked starch, and spent yeast.In a drying operation, liquid, slurry, or puree material is applied as a thin layer onto the outer surface of revolving drums that are internally heated by steam. After about three-quarters of a revolution from the point of feeding, the product is dried and removed with a static scraper. Factors affecting the rate of drying and final moisture content are residence time on the drum; surface temperature and film thickness.A drum dryer consists of one or two horizontally mounted hollow cylinder(s) made of high-grade cast iron or stainless steel, a supporting frame, a product feeding system, a scraper, and auxiliaries.Typical structures of single and double drum dryers are shown in Fig. 1. The diameter of typical drums ranges from 0.5m to 6m and the length from 1m to 6m. In operation, steam at a temperature up to 200°C heats the inner surface of the drum. The moist material is uniformly applied in a thin layer (0.5mm-2 mm) onto the outer drum surface. Most of the moisture is removed at water boiling temperature. The residence time of the product on the drum ranges from a few seconds to dozens of seconds to reach final moisture contents of often less than 5% (wet basis) (Tang,, 2003). The energy consumption in a drum dryer may range between 1.1 kg steams per kg of evaporated water and1.6 kg steam per kg of evaporated water, corresponding to energy efficiencies of about 60%-90% (Hall, 1986; Moore, 1995).

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  • Detail of equipment, instruments. Brands.
  • Detail of the construction material.
  • Detail of automation
  • Whether or not it includes assembly.
  • Startup and guarantees.
  • Process parameters.
  • Percentage of product loss.
  • Quality parameters of the final product.
  • Recommended operating time between power line CIP ("Clean In Place").
  • Information plans for civil works, indicating necessary dimensions and levels, loads on slabs and bases, etc.
  • The layout of the installation.
  • Instruction manual for operation and maintenance.
  • List of spare parts.

Equipment design conditions

Material and liquid conditions

Material Name:fruit pulp
Water evaporation:about 5-10 Kg/h
Dry powder output:2.5-5 Kg/h (depending on the proportion of material)
Liquid input amount:10-20 Kg/h
Liquid temperature:20ºC (normal temperature)
Drying temperature:150ºC
Heat source:steam or thermal oil

Process conditions

Drying method: heating
Hot air contact method:Heat conduction.
Heat source and heating method:steam or thermal oil heating
Dust removal method:Two-stage cyclone
Product collection method:conveyor screw

Detailed Photos

Application Scenario

After Sales Service

Installation and Commissioning and Training:

1. Buyers arrange installation and debugging by themselves under a manual book from the supplier.2. If the buyer requires engineers from the seller's party, the buyer should arrange the following items:(A)Within 30 days after the machines are delivered to the buyer's factory, the buyer shall inform the seller to arrange engineers to the buyer's factory for installation, commissioning, test, and training machine operators.(B)The buyer should provide the engineers(1-2 person) the boarding and lodging, transportation during the engineer's stay in the buyer's country, and round trip air ticket and visa fee for the engineers. Besides, the buyer should pay the money as salary for one engineer per day.

Product Presentation

Company Profile

ZHENXING was founded in 1993. We are specialized in the development and manufacturing of dryers, mixers, granulators, grinders, and etc. Our company has cooperated with a number of research institutions since 2007 and we have established the largest sludge drying equipment testing center in China. All Dryer is widely applied in all kinds of industrial fields.We are certified with the ISO9001 quality management system. We follow a strict quality control procedure and we provide high-quality products with prompt after-sales services and technical supports.Our drying equipment has been exported to North America, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries.I am a trustworthy and reliable industrial dryer specialist, a leading manufacturer of drying fields based in Changzhou China. With more than 10 years of experience in designing and fabricating the dryer machine.I understand that drying technology and quality are the key to meet with the production capacity requirement, and the dryer working performance well is our aim, which is why in DRYING TECHNOLOGY I always put the needs of our clients first.


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I am focusing on providing the industrial drying system, which includes the spray dryer, flash dryer, drum dryer, vacuum harrow dryer, high-temperature rotary calcining dryer, mesh belt dryer, continuous tray dryer, pigment production line.Our related factory has extensive experience in exporting to the USA, Russia, Malaysia, India, and North America.
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